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Extreme Cleaning Services in Chichester

We are based in Bognor Regis completing cleaning for various councils and adult care services that need that extra touch to ensure properties are fit to live in, disposing of rubbish and deep cleaning of rooms from tobacco stains, mould and any bio-hazard material.

Extreme cleaners in Bognor

At Monkey Nuts Ltd cleaning we provide a wide range of extreme cleaning services and hoarder cleans for those jobs that require an extra level of cleaning. Unfortunately, there is nothing nice about extreme cleaning.


Often there are risks to health for staff as the job may entail dealing with left over drug paraphernalia as well as risk of exposure to bodily fluids and excrement. 


We are contracted by all sorts of individuals and organisations who require our services.

There is no job too dirty for us to tackle.

What can we help you with?

Monkey Nuts Ltd deep cleaning services include bin rooms, rubbish chutes, graffiti removal, pest control, sewage overflows, bird fouling and fumigation.


The extreme cleaning service extends to crime scene and trauma clean-up in which we can be exposed to biohazards that include chemicals, blood, bacteria, human waste, human remains and infestation of rodents, flies and maggots that are often the result of an undiscovered death.

All of this requires expert knowledge, and a deep understanding of how extreme conditions need to be brought under control in order to return a premises to a habitable, safe environment and all handled with respect and consideration for people and the surrounding environment.


Once you have contacted us, we will provide you with a free no obligation quote.

Extreme cleaning services in Bognor Regis
Extreme cleaning services in Bognor Regis
Extreme cleaning services in Bognor Regis
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