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Leisure Cleaning Services

Maintain Standards With Our Leisure Cleaning Services

At Monkey Nuts Ltd, we provide leisure cleaning services for national and independent sports facilities across the south, delivering a safe and consistently effective cleaning service. Our professional cleaning service for leisure centres aims to provide a welcoming and hygienic environment for all of your members.

Whether you would like our cleaning services for gyms, fitness suites, or well-being businesses covering spaces such as pools and saunas, we are completely committed to ensuring that each space is cleaned with proper care and attention to detail.

We can also provide daily cleaning, monthly cleaning, or one-off cleaning, ensuring that Monkey Nuts Ltd can provide a bespoke solution for you.

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Leisure Cleaning Services Tailored to Your Business

Providing a clean and safe environment for all members of your leisure centre is an important part of ensuring that cleanliness is present in your building. The number of advantages of having a hygienic leisure centre include better well-being for all members and staff, reduced risk of contamination, promoted productivity, and a cleaner and safer environment overall.

Our retail and leisure cleaning services are tailored to your needs and our cleaning specialists can clean just about anything. When you get in touch with Monkey Nuts Ltd, you can be confident that we will be able to help out your business and provide a comprehensive clean that will only include what you need.

If you have any questions regarding our leisure centre cleaning services, feel free to contact Monkey Nuts Ltd today.

What Our Fully Accredited Leisure Industry Cleaners Can Do for Your Facility

Swimming Pool Cleaning & Sauna Cleaning Services

Our extensive swimming pool cleaning services ensure that your establishment is a healthy environment for all those swimming in the pools. This service includes floor cleaning, filter cleaning, changing room cleaning and more. Please get in touch for more information about our swimming pool cleaning services.

With us, you can also ensure that your saunas are kept sanitary and clean, ensuring that your clients return time after time.

Fitness Suite Cleaning

A professional and hygienic gym environment is essential to ensuring that your members can not only enjoy their fitness experiences but also stay safe from any potential contamination. Our fitness suite cleaning services will help maintain your standards of cleanliness.

Gym Cleaning Services

Our gym cleaning services ensure that your facilities remain in peak condition. Ensuring a clean gym environment not only provides a positive outlook for your institution but implementing gym cleaning services also ensures that your facilities are safe and hygienic. 

Car Park Cleaning

More often than not, your car park will be overlooked when thinking of cleaning services and it can be time-consuming for a leisure centre to keep on top of it. We can keep on top of your carpark cleaning to ensure that your facility is kept looking tidy and organised for your guests and reputation.

On-site Facility Cleaning

We can clean high ceilings, conduct canopy cleaning, carry out window cleaning, cover any bathroom cleaning, and carry out any other aspects of leisure cleaning to suit your requirements. We apply the correct cleaning procedures to every aspect of cleaning that we carry out.

Reception Areas

A reception area is one of the first locations that your clients will see, so it is important to ensure that your walkways and reception areas are thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. We can provide regularly cleaning of these areas to ensure a positive first impression for your clients ever time.

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