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Professional Office Cleaning Services

Ensuring that your working environment is hygienic and clean is an essential part of maintaining a healthy and efficient working environment. Here at Monkey Nuts Ltd, we have over 10 years of experience in the commercial industry and have worked with businesses of all sizes.

We know that with such busy and crowded office spaces, mess, dust, and dirt is hard to avoid. Poor workplace hygiene can contribute to employee sickness. To ensure that your employees are as satisfied as possible within their working environment, cleanliness and hygiene are imperative. That is why we work with several different organisations to ensure that their office spaces are as clean as possible.

Here at Monkey Nuts Ltd, we have a huge range of bespoke and flexible solutions that can help you keep your working environment as sterile and clean as possible. Our cost-effective office cleaning solutions will help you run your commercial space far more efficiently.

High-Quality & Professional Office Cleaning Services


In-Depth Office Cleaning From Trained & Accredited Cleaners

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Each of our cleaners has been through intricate training and checks to ensure that they can and will provide the highest quality cleaning services every single time. Along with being highly skilled, our team of cleaning professionals is fully dedicated to meeting the high standards that we expect from each of our clients.
It is hugely important to us that we know our cleaning professionals can provide our clients with the finest possible service. That is why we put each of our cleaners through numerous training sessions and checks to help you rest assured that you are working with an excellent team of professionals.
Each member of our high-quality team has a plethora of experience with office spaces of all sizes.
So no office is too big or too small for us.

What Do Our Office Cleaning Services Provide?

We make sure that all of our office cleans are incredibly detailed and thorough. We do this by ensuring that we always cover all bases. This is because we understand the incredible importance of providing individuals with a hygienic and clean working environment. Our office cleaning services include:

Disinfecting Equipment & Surfaces

You would not believe the bacteria that can build up on office keyboards and desktops. That is why our detailed office cleaning service uses a bio-fogging technique that creates a fine mist of disinfectant that covers the surfaces and decontaminates the air. This leaves your office a much more sterile environment.


Kitchen Cleaning

An office space kitchen and common areas are consistently used by a huge number of individuals. This can often result in a build-up of mess and bacteria. Our office cleans will provide intricate cleaning of the kitchen and common areas to ensure that maximum hygiene is restored. 

Washrooms & Bathrooms

Bathrooms are another area that can often become very untidy and dirty due to the endless foot traffic of an office space. Our cleaning service for office spaces includes a full deep clean of all bathrooms and washrooms to ensure that your employees have a clean and hygienic bathroom space to use during their workdays.


Dusting & Polishing

Dust is something that cannot be prevented and is very common in pretty much all office spaces. Our cleaning services will intricately dust and polish all equipment and surfaces to make sure that the cleanliness levels of your offices are up to our incredibly high standards.


With such consistent footfall in most office spaces, it is very common to see carpets and flooring full of dirt and grime. Our detailed cleaning staff will provide a deep clean to both carpet and flooring using our phenomenal industrial-grade floor and carpet cleaning equipment.


Bin Clearance

While bins may seem like a very minor job, it is not uncommon to see office spaces that are overflowing with copious amounts of rubbish that have not been taken out. We will take that responsibility off your hands. Our cleaning professionals will take us and replace all bin bags as often as needed.

Carpet & Flooring Cleaning

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